Tune in

While there are very many ways to listen to music online, there are so far only a few which I truly enjoy. The following sites play a wide variety of music I enjoy, with no downloads necessary to play anything, and they free. Check them out.

SomaFM. One of the coolest, hippest online streaming sites I’ve come across. While not offering dozens, or hundreds, of channels to choose from, the 11 stations on the site can meet almost any eclectic music need–from indie rock, to spy lounge, to ambient clicks and drones. Favorite station: Groove Salad.

Radio Paradise. My third, and final, recommendation for today. Another great, thoughtful, intelligent, and eclectic mix of old and new indie and alternative music. Note, I said music, not rock. Radio Paradise plays a mix that includes everything from blues, to folk, to rock and in between. Great stuff. Plus, lots of formats to choose from, so you should be able to pick a format that allows good high quality streaming.

WEQX. 102.7FM broadcasts out of Manchester, VT. I grew up listening to this station on the radio in Vermont and then was so happy to rediscover it while living in Albany, NY. Now that I’m in NJ, it’s great that they stream live online. They bill themselves as “The Real Alternative” and they are. Unlike most stations, EQX is its own entity and not controlled by any corporate mega-dictator body, so they can play a much better variety of rock, alternative, indie, etc. than other “alternative” or “modern rock” stations. They offer some great specialty shows, too. Check out Jam N Toast on Saturday mornings.


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  1. thrushmetal

    This kicks ass too! \\m//

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