Twilight, etc.


So, I finally read Twilight by Stephenie Meyer because the third in the series, Eclipse, was coming out and in high demand at the library. Sure, great book, except that it is entirely way too long. I was riveted at the end, but it took a looooong time to get there. Plus, if there is ever a novel that should be adapted as a shojo manga, Twilight is it.

Speaking even more of Twilight and manga, I, like every other librarian on the listservs out there, was working on a Twilight read-alike list (though mine is more of a Twilight/Tithe read-alike list). Vampire Knight by Matsuri Hino is a fantastic suggestion. I’m enjoying it greatly, and so should anyone who liked Twilight…romance, adventure, mysterious backgrounds, vampires (of course), a school setting, and, oh yeah, hot guys for those girls out there that that matters to.

vampire knight

Speaking even further of manga, I’m absolutely loving Princess Resurrection by Yasunori Mitsunaga. What messy bloody fun. Middle-schooler Hiro gets run over by a truck, resurrected by the beautiful Princess Hime, and has to become her servant (since if he doesn’t regularly drink her blood he will become permanently deceased), along with her adorable indestructible childlike android Flandre (hooba). Princess Hime, however, doesn’t have the most sedate lifestyle. She fights monsters. Single-handedly. With chainsaws. Brutal monsters. Werewolves, razor-wire wielding invisible men, you know how it goes. The cover of the first volume should be enough to make you grab this and devour every guilty-pleasure filled page.

princess resurrection

And now, for a dis. While Twilight could be a great shojo, an unfortunate disappointment appeared on my desk recently: the Meg Cabot Avalon High manga. Now this could have been cool, but Tokyopop…you dropped the ball with this one. Especially considering that B&T was insisting it was canceled (a rumor I heard elsewhere, and all of which I found out after I had placed the order and had requests for it, which is why I was really surprised when it showed up) and that Tokyopop already had released Pantheon High earlier this year, which is a decent book (many teens have already told me that they really enjoyed Vol. 1 and will look forward to subsequent volumes). The interest that preceded Avalon High Coronation had made me order two copies, and two did come. With different covers and apparently from different publishers. Strange. All that being said, get Pantheon High by Paul Benjamin instead.

And continuing with Meg Cabot…I just read Jinx. I had high hopes. The cover is awesome (gee Josh, don’t judge a book by its cover). Unfortunately, Jinx never really gets out of her naive, wide-eyed state (though she should) and the rest of the story is essentially The Craft (that film from the 90s with Naeve Campbell and Robin Tunney–the bald chick from Empire Records? What you don’t remember that either? Where were you in the 90s?). Jinx goes nowhere and is filled with so many references to contemporary pop culture that it will be dated in a year (if not next week when a new celebutante scandal changes the pop tides). Sigh. Let’s put that cover on another book.

Wow. Two posts in one day, and one is a long one at that. I should have split this up over an entire week!


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