A post that turned into a rave about David Boreanaz

If you’re actually reading this, you might start to think I’m kind of angsty and woe-y and goth-y and such, since, well, let’s see…I’ve reviewed Nine Inch Nails, written about vampires (several times), killing monsters, undead things, etc. Well, this post won’t change that, but I assure you it just happens to be a phase of related items I’ve been absorbing lately. Although, I will admit I DO enjoy such things. Zombies rule, vampires do as well. Werewolves, unfortunately, I’ve just never really had a taste for. Except for Seth Green back in the day on Buffy. Speaking of which…

Ah, the good ole days of the Scoobies. I will admit, however, that Angel was always my favorite part of that show, and his solo show I actually consider one of my favorite TV shows. An episode of Angel’s on? Sweet. There goes an hour of my life. Oh, wait. It’s a marathon? Well, cancel the plans for the rest of the day.

The early days with Doyle were great, and it was annoying when Cordelia assumed his powers after his death, but in general I really enjoyed the show completely up until the whole shiznit with Cordelia (who seems to be the root of each thing I DIDN’T like about the show) being evil. And then, of course, she had Angel’s son Connor’s baby, which when born looked to be the fully adult black woman from Serenity/Firefly, but in actuality was a weird people eating light monster. I then enjoyed the show again after that overly ludicrous storyline (yes even more ludicrous than the episode where the cast was all turned into Muppets…that was funny) up until that great finale where Angel and Co. take on the fiendish hordes of Hell in a far superior ending to that of Buffy (which Joss Whedon has thankfully begun correcting with the Buffy Season 8 comic series from Dark Horse):
Spike: In terms of a plan?
Angel: We fight.
Spike: Bit more specific.
Angel: Well, personally, I kind of want to s
lay the dragon. Let’s go to work.

Angel Finale

Luckily, David Boreanaz is still on TV in Bones (which I wish I had been watching since it premiered in 2005, rather than just picking up the occasional reruns starting this summer) and while he may not be Angel (and not having James Marster’s incomparable Spike around sucks…he needs his own show or to make some movies or something), he still is his smart-ass-sensitive-tough-guy-self which makes him so amusing to watch, and the show is decent. In general, I really think Boreanaz seems like a guy you’d want to hang out and drink some beers with at a bar.

So this post did not discuss anything I planned on.



One response to “A post that turned into a rave about David Boreanaz

  1. I love him…except I ‘found’ him on Bones and now I’m working my way through old Angel episodes!

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