So, yesterday, I witnessed something on the Today Show that, apparently, many people have been eagerly awaiting: the New Kids on the Block reunion. 14 years after they broke up. 24 years after they first formed. Each member of the band now 38 or 39 years old. My only response was…why? The answer, of course, is obvious: $$$. There were plenty of screaming fans in attendance, and I imagine the upcoming concerts sold-out instantly, but based on their performance, they are definitely putting in the least amount of effort in order to cash in. The singing was atrocious. New song “Summertime” was horrible, and their medley renditions of their hits were unlistenable. Then there was the “dancing,” which was ridiculous. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if they hadn’t even attempted to practice beforehand and were doing it all from memory.

Now, I’m all about nostalgia for the 80s and 90s. The Transformers movie rocked. I’m hoping that the GI Joe movie is cool, and I’m pretty damn excited about the prospect of a Voltron movie. Plus, I think reunions are, for the most part, a great idea. The Eagles have sort of pulled it off, as have The Who and Led Zeppelin. I even think some bands should have broken up and then reunited. The Rolling Stones would have more credibility in my opinion nowadays if they had broken up, and then gotten back together, instead of becoming shadows of their former glory in the interim 25 plus years.

Then, of course, there’s the reunion that I am personally most ecstatic about: STP! I’ll being seeing the Stone Temple Pilots show on May 31. One of my favorite bands, finally back together! See, my 90s nostalgia runs high.

Now NKOTB are not, and never were, in the league of any of these aforementioned bands, but their nostalgia factor is still high for many people. My only real memory of the New Kids is some dance my grade was forced to be a part of in 7th grade (I think) where we danced to either “You Got It (The Right Stuff)” or “Hangin’ Tough.” If that wasn’t bad enough, we were also all dressed like PeeWee Herman (and who says are educational dollars aren’t being spent properly?). So maybe I’m jaded, or maybe my opinion of yesterday’s awful performance is simply a reflection of my lack of New Kids nostalgia, but of all the bands to make a comeback, why the New Kids on the Block?


6 responses to “NKOTB OMG

  1. OMG. Please do your research before writing something like this. NKOTB is NOT reuniting for the money. Money? They have it. This reunion is about them, the music, and the fans. Critics do not factor into this equation and they have absolutely nothing to prove. NKOTB and their fans have a very special relationship. They are very interactive with us and you won’t find too many bands who care about their fans as much as they do. The nostalgia factor is there but it is not the grunt of what draws us to them. As much as I love their music, they also have music that I don’t like, believe it or not. So it’s not as if we’re delusional. You may not think that they are in the league of your definition of “bands” but your opinion doesn’t matter. I could explain until I’ve run out of saliva but you will never know. It’s a shame because I doubt STP will ever treat you as wonderfully as NKOTB treats their fans. Just let us enjoy our ride and admire the fact that they are doing this purely for the love of music and they don’t care WHAT critics say.

  2. If you don’t even like their music (given your musical tastes, you wouldn’t) why does it matter so much to you that you have to make an entire blog to tell the world how much you hate them? I, however, enjoyed their shows back then, the music was fun and I’m not going to apologize for enjoying something that was fun. Congratulations on actually watching the today show, something most critics wouldn’t bother to do. I agree, the today show needed help (no band sounds good when only one instrument/mic is working, even your precious stp). As far as the dancing goes (something I expect none of “your kind of musicians” could even attempt unless fully drugged up), you try dancing on a wet stage and tell me how well you do. Let me know how your face feels when you slip and land on it. NOW, if you’d taken the time to watch the KISS concert online, you’d see that when the sound is fixed they’re good. So summertime isn’t your thing. That’s nice. Click Click Click is going to be a great song. As far as MONEY goes? How many musicians out there are selling out concerts and going “you know, I don’t want any of that, please lets just toss all that money in the trash.” Not very many. Now, ask me if I’m excited about STP? Nope. Do you care? Nope. But I’m not going to write a blog talking about how pathetic it is for a bunch of old guys to get together and play whiney grunge music, cause, you know they must really need money (obviously they snorted all of it). Oh, by the way? Thanks for promoting the NKOTB reunion. Your contribution is noted.

  3. New Kids on the Block rule!! We loved them then & still love them now!! I know I never forgot about them & many other fans as well!! I’m so tired of people being so negative about them! They were like our generations Beatles, so just let us have our fun & be excited about them getting back together & leave them alone! If you don’t have anything good to say about them, say nothing at all!!

  4. Do you even know what your talking about?? NKOTB sold over 70 million albums ~ which surpassed Madonna and Michael Jackson. Maybe you should know the subject your discussing before you go and make yourself look stupid. The Stone Temple Pilots may have been popular in your time but that’s about it. They are absolutely uncomparable to the New Kids. They wouldn’t be worthy enough to fetch the Boston boys coffee! You may not have been blessed enough to appreciate their music but NKOTB is a legacy to millions of devoted fans and THAT is the reaso why they are uniting my friend!! Trust me, money is the last thing they need. They made roughly 200million a year for 8yrs split between 5. Besides, Who else sells out one concert in 10 min. and another in 4 min! That is totally record breaking! Now that you know some realistic facts do you still feel like running your mouth negativly about these 5 gorgeous men who can sing, dance, play instruments and melt hearts? Didn’t think so!

  5. Who gives a s**t with what u think!!!go to ur basement n listen to ur music, we cud care less abt the bands u mentioned, who r u to set the standards anyway!?u being miserable doesnt mean everybody around u shld be….NKOTB RULES!!

  6. Well then. At least my blog is getting hits! 🙂

    In all seriousness, if you like them, cool. But, the only comment so far I feel it justifiable to respond to is the one where you said that NKOTB is your generations Beatles. Excuse me? I don’t care how much you like the New Kids…that is just a completely nonsensical comment. The Beatles had actual talent, wrote music, and changed the world. NKOTB was a pre-manufactured boy band, who had some modicum of singing/dancing ability. They were entertainers, sure, and perhaps great for their day, but they were not talented musicians.

    As far as concerts selling out nearly instantly…a lot of concerts do. It wasn’t surprising to me that NKOTB did, although 10 minutes isn’t really all that fast nowadays. Miley Cyrus does all the time, and her concerts sell out in less than a minute!. Even the Jonas Brothers sell out right away. And they, frankly, are two of today’s NKOTB.

    Also, as far as claiming I shouldn’t be writing a blog post with my opinions…isn’t that what a blog is about? Why don’t you write your own blogs extolling the virtues of NKOTB rather than claim I do not have the right to my own opinions? If you don’t like what I say, why read it? I didn’t set out attacking the band, just sharing my one opinion with the world. The world doesn’t have to agree, or even tune into the blog at all. Your opinion of bands I like is yours, and you are entitled to them as much as I am entitled to mine, so don’t presume to tell me otherwise. Also, if you were to pay some attention to the rest of my blog, you would notice that I am equally critical of bands and musicians that I respect. I think Trent Reznor may be one of the greatest musical minds of the past 20 years, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking that he isn’t proving that with the recent output of Nine Inch Nails.

    But, thanks again for the hits!

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