Phosphor – THE Free Online Shooter

The new online game rage at the library amongst teens is called Phosphor.

While younger kids are still (amazingly) playing Runescape or games from the numerous free game sites like MindJolt, PopCap, MiniClip, or Addicting Games, Slingo, or are overly devoted to their Webkinz, older teens are shooting things up in the most amazing free online 3D shooter I’ve seen. The graphics are astounding. The play is frenetic. It’s somewhere between Halo and Unreal. Plus, it all runs in your browser! It’s a Shockwave based game, so as long as you have that installed, you’re good to go blast things.

But, don’t just take my word for it. Go play!

After poking around a bit, I’ve discovered that the game has apparently been around since 2006, but here at East Brunswick Public Library it’s suddenly catching on like wildfire.

Also, there’s a pretty cool list of free online FPSs on Wikipedia, as well. I haven’t tested any of them yet, and some are from a few years ago, but some of the newer ones look great. I’m looking forward to trying Warsow.


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