Music Review: Fight With Tools by Flobots

Ubiquitous single “Handlebars” (check out the awesome animated video!) is by far the best track on Flobots‘ first full-length release, Fight With Tools. At their best, Flobots sound like an amalgamation of The Roots, Eminem, and Linkin Park, however they never reach the quality of any of those three artists. Fight With Tools is filled with far more misses than hits. Only two tracks would I call the latter, “There’s a War Going On for Your Mind” and “Mayday!!!” And, unfortunately, since “There’s a War…” really seems just like an intro to “Mayday!!! perhaps there’s really only one other worthwhile track on the album other than “Handlebars.” In general, even those tracks should be skipped if you happen to really love this country’s current administration, or simply do not like your raps politically heavy-handed.


2 responses to “Music Review: Fight With Tools by Flobots

  1. Just listened to the whole thing. I have to say, the entire album, from start to end just seems to flow. Very nice job I must say.

    Ooooh. I’m disagreeing. 😀

  2. I’m not saying it doesn’t flow…I’m just saying I didn’t think all of the tracks were all that good. And, please disagree! Did you see the comments left by the New Kids on the Block fans? Now there was disagreement!

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