A new reason to hate on Twilight.

No Twilight

The second in the Twilight films, New Moon, releases on November 20.  In preparation, I had a program scheduled at the library to show the first movie and have a raffle with some cool Twilight related swag, such as a tote bag filled with a special edition of the first book and a charm bracelety thing.  It was gearing up to be a cool event, and I expected a great turnout.

So, then what happens?  Movie Licensing USA calls me yesterday and tells me that Summit Entertainment (who made the films) has revoked all public performance licenses for Twilight.  Now if you aren’t familiar with Movie Licensing USA, it is a company which sells licenses to show films places, such as at libraries.  Now most films are covered under the annual subscription with a blanket license.  Twilight, however, was not, so I had already had to agree to pay an additional $100 to show it.  Plus, I’ve already purchased the prizes, booked the room space, and advertised the event.  And now I get told I can’t show it!  Why?  Because Summit Entertainment has decided to re-release Twilight in the theaters prior for two weeks prior to the opening of New Moon.  I was told by Movie Licensing USA that I could reschedule my limited license to show Twilight before the end of October, or sometime after January 1.  Before the end of October would have been impossible (in terms of booking the space and advertising, not to mention I’m on vacation next week!) and January misses the whole point in linking in with the excitement for the new movie.

I wanted to tell them to bite me with some big Edward vampire fangs.

Robert Pattinson

All in all, way to screw me, and public libraries, over Summit Entertainment!  It’s all about the $ isn’t it?  I was going to provide a fun, free experience which would have brought people to the library, but you have to go and ruin it.  I’d love for people to boycott New Moon in outrage, but that would never happen.

No New Moon


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