Frost Titan Deck Idea – Magic: the Gathering

@the_stybs sent out a challenge via Twitter the other day for Frost Titan deck ideas.

Here’s what I came up with:

Creatures (11)
4x Frost Titan
1x Lorthos the Tidemaker
2x Stormtide Leviathan
2x Lullmage Mentor
2x Clone

Spells  (22)
3x Redirect
2x Mass Polymorph
1x Rite of Replication
4x Mana Leak
2x Negate
2x Deprive
4x Spreading Seas
2x Wind Zendikon

Artifacts (3)
1x Sword of Vengeance
2x Temple Bell

Lands (24)
4x Halimar Depths
20 Island

Sideboard (15)
4x Paralyzing Grasp
2x Negate
1x Redirect
4x Flashfreeze
2x Augury Owl
2x See Beyond

Key things about the deck:

  • This is all post M10/Alara rotation Standard.
  • I wanted to play off Frost Titan’s tapping things ability more, but didn’t quite work it into the main deck.  Paralyzing Grasps are in the sideboard as a defensive card, and to keep things tapped, simply because I like the idea of it.
  • I like the idea of using Redirect to target Frost Titan with opponent’s spells.
  • The Lullmage Mentors make Merfolk dudes when spells and the Titan counters stuff, and the Clones become copies of the Mentors or the heavy hitters once they are out, and the Mentors and Clones become Mass Polymorph fodder, along with the Wind Zendikons.  Mass Polymorph is just crazy and seems like it will be fun, but it’s not the main route for things.  Since we’re not splitting colors, I think hardcasting the big guns won’t be too hard.
  • I added a Lorthos because he likes to tap things too.
    And he’s a bad ass.
  • Spreading Seas is a star of a card.  Let’s you draw a card, slows down your opponents if they aren’t playing blue, and lets your Stormtide Leviathans run rampant.
  • I have a singleton Sword of Vengeance here because frankly how awesome is it?  And a Frost Titan needs to be swinging a giant friggin’ sword.  Plus, the Titan has now “kapow” abilities when attacking besides tapping stuff, so making him 8/6 First Strike, Vigilance, Trample, Haste is pretty sick.
  • Honestly, there should be Jace TMS in here, but I hate how $expensive$ he is.  Take out what you will to add your playset of the guy, but I only own one.  When I build this, I think I will take out one Spreading Seas to put my solo Jace 2.0 in.


6 responses to “Frost Titan Deck Idea – Magic: the Gathering

  1. This looks horribly slow.

    I’m going through all these new cards but you don’t seem to have any way to get land down more quickly than one per turn and by the time you can stop you opponent acting or get damage through you’ll be dead.

    Even with mass polymorph it’s still going to be turn 6 before you can do anything and you’ll need to be lucky for your smaller creatures to be standing.

    Using Wind Zendikon as well opens up easy land destuction (or at least denial) for you opponent meaning it could be even later before you have that 6 mana your deck needs.

    I like big creature decks but you need a way to get them out at a stage where they can be dominant.

    Is there something I’m missing among these new cards I don’t know?

  2. Oh it’s completely slow. I don’t see it as in any way a tournament deck, but fun standard casual. Plus a way to just get some fun ideas out there about the Frost Titan.

  3. I really just wanted to play around with the card’s abilities a bit. In general, I’m not sure Frost Titan would see serious tournament play as it is. Basically, by the time it attacks (unless given haste somehow) you’ll have been able to tap 2 creatures. So, pretty much your opponent can’t have more that or it gets chump blocked. Without trample or some other evasion, it’s just a 6/6 body with some funky abilities. It’s strange how it is actually functionally similar to Inferno Titan, which at its worst will remove two x/3 creatures from play before it attacks. But Inferno Titan could potentially take out 6 x/1 creatures before it attacks.

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  5. I like the whole “Tapping” idea, but as stated earlier the deck seems way too slow. You need some mana boosters. You could try High Tide, B islands you tap this turn add an additional blue mana to your mana pool. High tide is one of my personal favorites to use in blue decks. ALso, you need some more creature fodder (Blockers) Steel walls are cheap, 1 for a 0/4 wall, or you could always add ornithopters 0 for a o/2 flying, or phyrexin walkers 0 for a 0/3, or shield sphere 0 for a 0/6 it gets a -1/-1 counter on it whenever it blocks. Control magics are cool, in case they pull a stupidly powerful move like entomb a damn hypnox, then animate dead it next turn, it’s been done to me, I was a very sad panda. (Yeah a turn 2 Hypnox….COME ON!)

    Or you could always add more blue land changers to the deck so your opponent cant use their land, unless they’re playing a blue decl to begin with. Some land changing cards im about to name cost 1 or 2 mana each:
    Phantasmanl terrain
    convincing mirrage
    Seas claim
    mana vapors comes to mind, but cant remember what it does….hmmm, oh well.
    Somnophores may be a nice touch but they cost 4 each and they’re 2/2 flyers, whenever they deal damage to a player, tap a creature that player controls, that creature doesn ‘t untap until somnophore leaves play.
    Nonetheless, good luck with your deck dude.

  6. I really like your idea, the look so strong and with a quick way to take control over opponent hand and creature in the field, the combination of some creautres like Lullmage Mentor and Clone are awesome, if you made some modifications to this idea please let me know about it.

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