J1C2 – U/R Standard Deck – Magic: the Gathering

First thing you Magic players looking at this are going to think is, “WTF, why’s old Jace the only Jace here?”

J1C2 – U/R Standard Deck

Spells (27)

  • 4x Lightning Bolt
  • 4x Stagger Shock (or Burst Lightning)
  • 4x Runeflare Trap
  • 2x Reverberate
  • 4x Mana Leak
  • 4x Negate
  • 3x Jace’s Erasure
  • 2x Redirect

Planeswalkers (6)

  • 3x Jace Beleren
  • 3x Chandra Ablaze


  • 4x Temple Bell

Lands (23)

  • 3x Island
  • 4x Halimar Depths
  • 8x Mountain
  • 4x Scalding Tarn
  • 3x Dread Statuary
  • 1x Tectonic Edge


  • 4x Goblin Ruinblaster
  • 3x Devastating Summons
  • 2x Spell Pierce (or Flash Freeze)
  • 4x Spreading Seas
  • 2x Treasure Hunt

Well, the main idea is, I’ve wanted to use Runeflare Trap for a long time.   In the Super Villains Deck, I was running a pair of Runeflare Trap main deck with all the Howling Mines that the deck was running.  Along comes M11, and replaces Howling Mine with Temple Bell.  And guess what?  For Runeflare Trap, this is actually better! Now, rather than letting your opponent get tons of cards all the time, you can decide to let them draw multiple cards only when you want them to!  In other words, when you have a Runeflare Trap in hand!  Same deal with the poor man’s Jace.  Good ol’ Jace Beleren, who’s been scoffed at since he was given a $6 million upgrade, does the same thing as Temple Bell, so he makes Runeflare Trap work, too!  Throw in a few Jace’s Erasures and you’re punishing your opponent twice for the joy of card drawing.

Chandra Ablaze is the other counterpart to this deck.  Some cheap red burn spells get the punishment started, but hopefully you’ll get to make better use of them after Chandra gets in play.  That Lightning Bolt does 4 damage instead of 3 with her first ability, and her ultimate lets you play them all again.  Her second ability, however, plays really well with (wait for it) ….Runeflare Trap!

Not as cool as it could be.

I really wish Destructive Force did damage to players, in addition to, or even instead of, creatures (Earthquake it is not, though Earthquake wouldn’t work with Chandra’s ultimate).  Destructive Force would be a hell of a finishing card if it hit players, especially if you were able to use Chandra to play it: +1 Discard Destructive Force to deal 4 damage, -7 Blow everything and everyone up!  Unfortunately, it doesn’t do all of that.  What the deck is missing is a huge Mortal Kombat “FINISH HIM!” type fatality.  I’m not sure it needs it.  Hell, you might mill your opponent before you even finish them off with Runeflare Trap or other burn.

What I see as negatives for this deck.  No creatures.  An opponent playing a weenie build would probably hit really fast and really hard.  My hope is that the cheap burn and counter magic would hold off the opposition long enough, but I’m not sure.  Thoughts?


3 responses to “J1C2 – U/R Standard Deck – Magic: the Gathering

  1. Man…I really need a solid red deck to play in standard. I would prefer to only use the 2011 Core Set and the Zendikar block so none of my cards will become outdated soon. Idk how this would work…maybe an Inferno Titan for your showstopper fatality, but he does cost a hefty 6… Anyway lemme kno if u have any ideas on a good RDW for me and others

  2. jared i played this with kiln fiend and it consistantly did well i would take out the teetering peeks and put in smouldering spiers becasuse you want to get you five five geopeids in there


    for the runeflare trap deck i just stoped plafying it for about two moounths and i have concluded that it is too inconsistant you need to be running eight cantrips ie ponder and preordane four traps two time reversals and ten draw effects being three jace three halowing mine and four temple bell. i would sugest using pyromancers assection if you decide to run alot of four-ofs a good list would be here


  3. Thanks! That helps quite a bit, I can definitely use some of those Zendikar cards to improve my strategy.

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