Music: Bandcamp Discoveries

I like the site Bandcamp.  Seems like a great place for musicians to share their work, for free or fee, with the world.  Nice site design, as well.  Of course, what I really like is that many musicians are actually sharing their music for free, and quite a bit of it is really good.

ezequiel ezequiel:  Winter Rise & Sun Dance/Cocoon

One of the best new music discoveries I’ve made in a long time.  Beautiful, haunting, songs.  Indie, sort of Thom Yorke-ish, vocals combined with soft, lush electronics, mild distortion, bells and guitars.  “Cocoon,” the “b-side” for “Sun Dance”, is Bjork cover.  Since I haven’t listened to any Bjork post-Homogenic, I didn’t have a comparison to make until after I heard ezequiel ezequiel’s version.  Now that I watched the video, I can honestly say I like the cover much more, especially since Bjork’s video was very disturbing.

Leonard Dstroy:  Higher Vibrations

Funked-up, glitched-out, hip-hop soul-tronica.  This is what the future (current) sound of hip-hop production should sound like.  Only needs some vocal collaborators, perhaps a Cee-Lo type vocalist (ala Gnarls Barkley) or a straight out rapper.  Jay-Z could bring this mainstream for sure, but some indie rapper would be pretty cool too.  On tracks such as “Trying to Find My Way” Leonard Dstroy opts more the Cee-Lo route, with Reggie B’s soulful vocal stylings warped over the cracked out beat.   “Higher Frequency” goes the other direction with raps from Brother of Moses, and this proves to be far more effective.  Luckily, we get to see what happens when both are combined on closing track “Hypnotized” which features both vocalists.  Hot tracks to check out from the free album download:  “Sunset Marquis,” “Latitude,” “Onde (Get Live),” “Hypnotized feat. Reggie B. & Brother of Moses.”

Xerxes: Selected Works – Jorgen Bryde

Some really cool, fairly chill electronica.  Reminds me in some ways of my friend Andrew’s musical output.  Stand out tracks:  “Eventyr (Intro)” which evokes a wind-up music box lullaby, “Frozen,” “Upperhand,” and “The Day We Met.”

Vision Eternel

Shimmery, chiming, contemplative post-rock, without the bombast or crazy free-form exploration of Godspeed You Black Emperor, Mogwai, or Explosions in the Sky.  Instead, the tracks on the several albums available to download are variations of individual songs or instrumental vignettes, or perhaps they are simply musical ideas thrown into the digital ether that is the internet.  For instance, Abondance de perils, has five “Thoughts as [fill-in-the-blank]” tracks which are all iterations of one guitar melody with varied additional instruments and altered arrangements.  Recommended tracks:  “Thoughts as Obstacles,” “Thoughts as Naivety,” “Love Within Restriction,” and “Season in Absence.”


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