“Sac it to me” – B/G Standard Magic: the Gathering Deck

I know this won’t be Standard legal much longer, but I had a fun thought of running a deck with Putrid Leech and Momentous Fall.  Drain my life, pump the Leech, attack, at end of turn sacrifice the Leech to draw cards and gain my life back.  I then threw in some other plays well with “sacrifice” things, and voila!Putrid Leech

Sac it to me

Creatures (18)

  • 4x Putrid Leech
  • 4x Mortician Beetle
  • 4x Nest Invader
  • 2x Kozilek’s Predator
  • 1x Artisan of Kozilek
  • 2x It That Betrays

Spells (15)

  • 2x Consuming Vapors
  • 2x Doom Blade
  • 3x Momentous Fall
  • 2x Cultivate
  • 2x Growth Spasm
  • 2x Awakening Zone
  • 2x Maelstrom Pulse

Planeswalkers (2)

  • 2x Garruk Wildspeaker

Artifacts (3)

  • 3x Eldrazi Monument

Lands (23)

  • 4x Verdant Catacombs
  • 3x Reliquary Tower
  • 2x Tectonic Edge
  • 8x Forest
  • 6x Swamp

Sideboard (15)

  • 2x Gatekeeper of Malakir
  • 2x Vampire Hexmage
  • 3x Great Sable Stag
  • 1x Growth Spasm
  • 1x Cultivate
  • 2x Maelstrom Pulse
  • 2x Doom Blade
  • 2x Consuming Vapors

What do you think?


One response to ““Sac it to me” – B/G Standard Magic: the Gathering Deck

  1. Looks pretty good. I might replace the Cultivates with more Growth Spasms in the spirit of producing sacrifice fodder. Also since there is a lot of ramp, but the three Eldrazi are really the only ramp targets, it might be better to have a ramp spell that does something more than just thin your deck in the late game, like Growth Spasm.

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